Predicting 9/11 in 2022

Next Great Virus Hoax Hysteria Begins
Billions Die from Global Vax in 2021
Scapegoats Are Vilified By Media
U.N.cyber Covid Cripples Power Grid
Supply Chains Break & Cities Starve
Dissidents & AntiVax Vanish in Camps
Essential! Below Letter Explains Insanity

  1. Farrs Law - only the death rate can be used to judge the severity of a Pandemic, any other method allows the public to be gaslighted as in 2020/2021.

  2. Outlaw PCR - this test is banned as a diagnostic tool due to the global harm it caused in 2021, as the inventor planned it may be used for manufacture only.

  3. Pure and Isolated Virus - if this cannot be obtained and verified by unbiased experts, no virus exists and any claimed deaths will be looked at in depth for alt cause.

Gulag Gladys
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Humanity Has Been Muppets in 2021
Petition to stop Law Changes
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